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Learn English, French and Portuguese with Duolingo free courses !

" Best of the Best" in 2013 by Google Play.

" The applications for learning or practicing languages ​​, there is nothing better than Duolingo " -PC Magazine Editor's choice as best application for learning languages.

"Without a doubt, the best application for language learning " , The Wall Street Journal

"We have also tried other methods such as books and Rosetta Stone. And neither worked. 's Why I was excited about the opportunity to use Duolingo ... and believe me it's addictive ," Fluent in 3 Months

Duolingo is changing the way people learn other languages.

• It is 100 % free. No extra fees , no subscriptions , no commercials. A high quality education at no cost.

• It's fun . Advance by completing units , you lose your lives for wrong answers , you gain points and level up like in a game .

• It's getting better. We are always scientifically evaluating the effectiveness of our methods to make your learning experience continually improves.

If you want to learn English, French or Portuguese in a way that is free, fun and fast , there is no better choice than Duolingo .

Features Interface Duolingo


The program includes images , speech recognition , grammar and

audio exercises , like the vast majority of virtual language courses,

but its popularity is its interface, which functions as a game

which the student has 3 hearts ( 3 chances ) to complete and save

advance learning levels . The program has the power to register

discuss errors that students do as you go about the level and

subtopics, thus creates the following activities to be undertaken

to strengthen the areas having difficulties. Besides functioning as

a kind of social network which has the ability to communicate and

be corrected by students around the world who are at the same level

learning .

Another of the most important characteristics is that it functions as Duolingo

one crowdsourcing platform (distributed open collaboration ) translation

word , since it is designed so that as the student advances in

training standards help translate texts , articles and pages are

Found on the web, expanding the possibilities of access to information

on the network.